Attaining a natural energy boost in the workplace

Attaining a natural energy boost in the workplace

Do you often feel tired or run down at work? Does the afternoon hit and you start getting distracted?

Luckily there are behaviours you can practice to help boost your energy levels naturally, thus improving your workplace performance.

Get a good sleep
Getting a good sleep is important for productivity. Ideally, you should be getting between six and eight hours sleep each night. You should have a bedtime that you stick to at least for every weeknight and you should wake up at the same time each morning too. Screen lights prevent your brain from switching off and can be a distraction, so ensure your room is as dark as possible as well.

Eat a healthy breakfast
Many people say they don’t have time for breakfast. It doesn’t take long to put a spread on some toast, put milk in some cereal or to blend a smoothie if you prepare the ingredients the night before. Breakfast is vital for productivity. You have just slept for six to eight hours; your body needs fuel for the day.

Stay hydrated
One major symptom of dehydration is fatigue. Luckily, staying hydrated is an easy task. You should consume at least 2.5 – 3 litres of water per day. Roughly 800 millilitres of this can be attributed to food intake, so you should be drinking around 2 – 2.5 litres. Also, there are benefits to be felt from splashing cold water on your face, so if you are feeling sluggish, give this a go.

Go for a walk
Getting outdoors and going for a walk or exercising has a multitude of benefits. Moving around gets the blood pumping through your body. It is also proven to boost positive moods and creative thinking. Being out in the sun is refreshing; it boosts serotonin levels and vitamin D levels, thus improving productivity.

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