Email etiquette

Email etiquette

Email marketing needs to be done well for it to be of any benefit to your business. If it is done poorly, it can actually be quite damaging for your business as it can make you come across annoying and unprofessional.

One of the biggest flaws in your email marketing strategy is to send too many emails. The emails should serve as useful information your subscribers are going to benefit from; something they can take from it and enjoy or learn from.

Far too often, businesses bombard and send way too much content, content that doesn’t actually give anything of value to them. Be mindful of this and focus on sending quality, succinct emails every so often, rather than useless, meaningless content all the time.

Mobile friendly
You have to make your emails mobile friendly, there is no getting around this. Think of where and how your subscribers are going to consume your emails; on the train on the way to or from work, when they wake up or go to bed and so forth. Make it attractive to a mobile platform to maximise the retention rate of subscribers.

Email title
This goes without saying, the title of your email is what will draw in your audience. Make sure it’s short and sweet and tells the viewer exactly what they can expect if they open your email. Avoid over capitalising.

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