Five ways to increase engagement on Twitter

Five ways to increase engagement on Twitter

Twitter is a valuable marketing tool for small businesses wanting to expand and maintain their reach to online audiences.

However, the true value of the social platform lies in its engagement; unless users are actually engaging with your business’s tweets and content, you are wasting precious time and energy reaching out to people who aren’t listening or interacting with your brand.

Here are five ways small businesses can maximise audience engagement on the popular social media channel:

Share images
One of the best ways to make content on Twitter (and indeed, most social media platforms) stand out is to include an image in your tweet. Research has shown that Twitter users engage with posts up to five times more when images are included. Businesses should ensure that any visuals they include in tweets are directly related to the content shared.

Keep your tweets short
Fact: shorter tweets receive more engagement. This may be because it leaves space and therefore makes it easier for users to retweet a tweet and add their own opinion.

Use relevant hashtags
Hashtags are a great way to join and start conversations on Twitter. They also make it much easier for users to find your business when they are searching for similar topics or content. Businesses should get into the habit of always including one or two hashtags in their tweets.

Create online polls
Online polls provide businesses with an opportunity to gains valuable information from online users i.e. potential or current customers. It also shows users that your business cares about their opinions, wants and needs.

Tweet regularly
Twitter was designed for quick interaction, so it is important for businesses to tweet regularly and consistently so they don’t get lost or forgotten among the masses of tweets that are tweeted every day.

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