Hiring younger workers

Hiring younger workers

Businesses that choose only to hire experienced staff are missing out on the energy, drive and creativity of youth. Many employers are reluctant to hire young people because they doubt their readiness to work, abilities and skill level.

However, business owners need to realise that younger people do have plenty to offer, and in the right environment, will thrive. For example:

  • Younger workers are keen and ready to work

Many young people came into the job market during or after the last recession, which has had a continuing impact on the job prospects of young Australians. Young people want to work and they want to prove themselves.

  • Younger workers have grown up in a digital world

While this isn’t to say that older people don’t understand the latest digital technology, for younger generations, digital has always been the norm.

  • Younger workers are often more adaptable

Since youth is a time of change and flexibility, young people are flexible and willing to learn new skills. They are also usually eager to work in new areas or locations.

  • Social media is part of their lives

Younger people can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram to reach customers, prospects and future business partners.

  • Younger workers follow trends

Younger workers have the time, energy and interest to keep up to date with the latest products and services. They can help a business adapt quickly to these trends and act as focus groups for targeted marketing campaigns.

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