How to make your brand stand out

How to make your brand stand out

Businesses are constantly competing for attention in today’s marketplace. With new brands emerging and existing brands evolving, business owners must be proactive in their marketing efforts.

Here are three tips to help your brand stand out:

Successful brands often challenge the status quo and are not afraid to take calculated risks. Creative businesses will use original techniques to promote their brand rather than copying competition. Explore your business’ creative side by stepping outside your comfort zone and experimenting with different types of marketing tactics. Doing some research on your target audience is a good starting point, as your findings may spark a new idea.

If you want to improve customer trust, your brand must be honest and transparent in all aspects. When a customer faces a problem, be sure to address their concerns immediately and sincerely.Responding to all types of feedback (online and in-person) is also critical in demonstrating your commitment to customer care. It is also important to be upfront and communicate when your business faces a crisis or issue – customers will appreciate your honesty.

Value offering
Look at how your business currently offers value to customers – is your business fulfilling customer needs and wants, and how well? What might have worked a couple of years ago may not be working as well now. Apart from the obvious elements of your products and services such as price, look at how else your business delivers value. For example, elements such as packaging, features, styling, reputation, after-sales service and delivery can all influence a customer’s perception of brand more than price alone.

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