Improving your staff training

Improving your staff training

Staff training is almost a necessity in most workplaces. However, training the unmotivated can be quite challenging.

Here are some tips to tap into more productive training sessions:

Provide a variety of learning opportunities
Different employees have different learning styles and preferred communication. Businesses must ensure they match different learning styles to the needs of each individual employee. For instance, some employees may prefer e-learning while others value face-to-face discussions. Incorporating technologies also helps assist those time-poor staff members to complete training in their own time and at their own pace.

Lead by example
Staff members generally respond better to leaders who are passionate about their job and share their own personal learning journey. It can be difficult to get staff onboard if they don’t trust or believe their leaders are being open and honest.

Pair up team members
Staff training does not have to take a hierarchical manager-to-employee approach. In fact, training staff through other staff members or creating a buddy system can actually be more beneficial and less intimidating than traditional top-down management training styles.

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