Investing in employee wellness

Investing in a workplace wellness program is one way employers can foster a culture of health and fitness among employees.

Workplace wellness programs are designed to support, encourage and reward healthy behaviours. As healthy employees are shown to be more productive, have higher levels of morale and less absenteeism – it pays to invest in your employee’s health.

Here are a few things to consider when designing a workplace wellness program:

Incorporate all aspects of health
Although, physical health is imperative – don’t forget to include assistance and activities which benefit employee’s mental, emotional and spiritual health. A comprehensive program combines targeted activities for developing physical health, such as a 10K-a-day walking challenge, with services for work/life balance, such as yoga or stress management workshops.

Make it fun
For higher levels of employee participation and involvement, make sure your activities are enjoyable and best fit the needs of your business. Get your staff involved by encouraging them to submit their ideas and run some of the programs. Ensure the activities in your program are diverse so there is something for everyone.

Community partnerships
Consider teaming up with local business providers and invest in a community partnership. Collaborating with local businesses can improve the health of employees and the surrounding community. Some examples are neighbouring businesses enforcing no-smoking policies for both staff and guests; collaborating with a healthy catering company; fundraising team events etc.

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