Lowering your website’s bounce rate

Lowering your website’s bounce rate

Businesses with high bounce rates are most likely attracting the wrong kind of traffic to their website. Bounce rates are a list of numbers that represent the percent of website visitors who leave a website quickly. Businesses wanting to target the right kind of website traffic and keep their bounce rate as low as possible should consider the following:

Easy website navigation
The navigation of your website should be easy, especially for those visitors who have never been to your website before. Websites that are easy to manoeuvre and clearly tell visitors where to go makes them more likely to stay on your website. Users who have a difficult time finding what they are looking for will probably leave your site to visit one that is more user-friendly.

Website speed
Most people won’t stay to see a page if it doesn’t load for them right away. Online users want instant results. Slow loading speeds can drastically affect a firm’s bounce rate and search engine ranking.

Messages need to be clear
While it may be obvious to businesses what they are selling, not having a clear message on a homepage can leave visitors confused. Make sure to include a few sentences on your homepage that describes your mission statement and why potential customers should choose your services over others.

Minimise the clutter
Trying to fit as much information, video, audio or pictures into your website’s homepage is distracting, and may overwhelm site visitors. Keeping the design clean, simple and easy to understand from a first impression is more likely to attract more online visitors.

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