Making your office green

Making your office green

There are a number of benefits to operating an environmentally friendly office.

Not only is it better for the planet; it will save your business money. There are endless strategies you can implement to make the working environment green without making any drastic changes.

Encourage ridesharing and offer incentives for those who ride to work
Ridesharing is great for the environment and also promotes teamwork amongst your staff. This can be implemented simply by making it convenient for people to ride to work. Introducing an office shower and/or lockers for employees riding to work makes it easy for people to leave the car at home. Develop a roster for those who want to be involved that lists their suburb so that they can rideshare.

Install timers
Much of a workplace’s carbon footprint is built up through appliances that get left on, such as printers, kettles, microwaves, etc. Set up a timer system for all printers and similar appliances and ensure that, where possible, powerpoints are switched off at the end of each day and over the weekends.

Over consumption of paper is easily done, particularly if you are not thinking about how wasteful it is. There are a number of strategies you can implement to reduce this, such as:

  • Including a footer at the bottom of emails encouraging recipient not to print
  • Setting printers to double-sided printing as a default
  • Emailing important paperwork such as pay slips rather than printing.

Encourage an anti-plastic work space
Discourage employees from using plastics such as straws and plastic bags. Another useful strategy is to encourage them to bring their own coffee mug instead of getting a throwaway cup for office coffee runs.

Consider lighting
Excessive lighting is another big energy waster in workplaces. Where possible, replace lighting in corridors and bathrooms with sensor lights. Take advantage of natural lighting and consider replacing existing light globes with LED lighting.

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