Making your office space more productive

Making your office space more productive

It is incredible the impact that the physical characteristics of an office can have upon workplace productivity. Elements such as colour schemes and office layout, which may seem inconsequential, can have tremendous effects on productivity. Here are three things to consider when redecorating your office space:

Lighting: Natural light has a positive effect on people’s mood and tends to improve their work. Obviously letting in more natural light is not an option for most businesses, but what you can do is rearrange your office to maximise your employees’ exposure to natural light.

Colour: While there has been some of contradictory research into the psychological effects of colour, one thing that people seem to agree on is the stimulating effect of bright and saturated colours. Whenever possible, choose vivid colours for office supplies and furniture.

Plant life: A few nice plants around the office will help to brighten the mood and increase concentration. A small pot plant on each desk can be a great way to show employees your appreciation.

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