Motivating the unmotivated

Motivating the unmotivated

Whether you want your employees to work more efficiently or need them to engage more on team projects, motivating apathetic workers can be a difficult task.

Assuming that the unmotivated employees are reasonably valuable and do have the skills needed to perform the job they’re in, below are two simple ideas that can help motivate the unmotivated:

  • Make it achievable

The harder the job, the greater the motivation required to complete it. Simplified jobs require less motivation and are harder for people to avoid doing. An example of implementing this in the workplace could be asking an employee to break a large and complicated project into smaller, simplified daily jobs.

  • Change the environment

Making small changes to the workplace environment can shape a person’s behaviour without them even thinking about it. Some examples of simple environmental changes to increase motivation include keeping phones/phone chargers in a separate room or encouraging staff to stand up and stretch every hour.

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