Motivating your staff

Motivating your staff

The ability to motivate your staff should be a key priority for all employers. Understanding people and what motivates them can see your business thrive.

Consider the following tips for motivating your staff:

Recognise a job well done
There is no reason not to take time to appreciate and thank employees for a job well done, you should never underestimate the power of kind words or a compliment. If you recognise when staff achieve something for the business, show them that their work has made a difference and you are impressed with their efforts. This will encourage them to continue working hard. If employees achieve great things and their hard-work is never appreciated, there is no reason for them to continue working hard.

One of the most detrimental factors in motivating staff is failing to listen to them. Your staff will often have good ideas or can point out areas that need improvement, but you need to listen to them. If staff do speak up or make suggestions, don’t dismiss them. If the idea won’t work explain to them why, or ask them to refine their idea, taking into consideration X, Y and Z. Simply shutting them down may cause them to resent you, and thus reduce their productivity and motivation.

Know your staff
An employer who knows their staff and at the very least basic facts about them outside of their professional life, i.e., how many kids they have, what sport they play, if they are in a band and so on is more likely to be personable and approachable. It shows you are interested in your employees and you value their individuality, rather than just the fact that they are making you money. If employees have a good connection with their employer, they are more likely to work hard and want to achieve in their professional life. Plus, a relationship like this can make everyone happier and more involved.

Environment matters
The environment in which your staff work can either inspire or hinder greatness. There are specific factors that can reduce productivity and impact on staff retention rates. Consider the following:
– Ensuring the workplace is open and free-flowing rather than boxing staff off into individual rooms or partitions.
– Creating an inclusive staff atmosphere, i.e., zero tolerance for workplace bullying.
– Natural lighting.
– Plants, art and decorative furnishings to brighten the workplace up and inspire staff.

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