Nailing social media marketing in 2018

Nailing social media marketing in 2018

As the New Year lingers just around the corner, brushing up and revising your social media marketing strategy is important.

Technology and the way we use it is always morphing, which means, in order to remain relevant and competitive, you need to adapt the way you present your business online. Consider the tips below to help you achieve this.

Knowing the direction of your social media campaign is important; if it isn’t clear to you, it is most definitely going to be confusing for your followers. Fine tune what it is you are hoping to achieve through your online marketing and focus on this, don’t try to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Research what your competitors are doing and perhaps focus on offering a point of difference; what can you provide that they aren’t? Just remember to do it well, or don’t do it at all.

Be aware of what your followers want. The nature of today’s marketing environment makes it extremely easy to know exactly what it is your target client base want; no longer do you have to conduct extensive surveys or carry out cold calling to find out what it is they are thinking. Take advantage of this. Read through your comments and your instant messages, and place value on this direct line of feedback. It is an invaluable tool that will strategically strengthen your marketing plan.

Provided it corresponds to the industry of your business, an influencer can be a great tool for developing and growing your customer base. Influencers are successful at what they do because they have the power to influence social media users to follow and purchase specific items and even adopt certain lifestyle habits. Take advantage of the opportunities that working with an influencer could provide for your business.

Everything you do online (or fail to do) all culminates together to shape the overall presence your business has. Completing tasks such as responding to reviews, both positive or negative ones, in a tone that is friendly and gracious will do your business’ image well. Posting content that is inspiring and informative, without being offensive is another tool that will develop your presence in a positive light.

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