Recognising and rewarding staff

Recognising and rewarding staff

Acknowledging and rewarding the efforts of your staff can go a long way in ensuring employees are engaged and fulfilled within their role.

Recognition acts as a tool to reinforce desired behaviours and helps to create an environment where staff feel appreciated for their accomplishments. Rewarding staff does not necessarily need to be costly or a financial reward; often non-financial rewards can have a stronger impact.

Developing a reward system for both performance and behaviour is a great way to acknowledge employees and encourage them to work towards the business’ goals. Here are a few ways to recognise the contributions of your staff:

  • Acknowledge the efforts of a staff member at a staff meeting.
  • Post recognition notices on a section of your website.
  • Send a personal email or card expressing your appreciation.
  • Provide a small token of appreciation, such as a gift card to a coffee shop or a movie pass.
  • Stop by the staff member’s desk to convey your appreciation.

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