Simple ways to improve your business public relations

Simple ways to improve your business public relations

If there’s anything else small businesses want more than customers, it’s publicity.

While many strive for as many mentions, references and links as possible from media publications, many more often fail to realise that a single media mention won’t have a significant effect on their marketing as they think.

Some new customer may visit the business’s site or remember their brand, but the initial effect will fade quickly.

When thinking in the long run, chasing after media mentions is one of the least effective PR strategies for small to medium sized businesses. To help, here are three strategies that can help increase small business brand awareness over and over again.

Leverage connections with industry influencers
Influencer marketing is big among marketers these days. For example, customers are more likely to trust a new company if it came recommended by someone they know and respect. Therefore, aligning your business with people your audience follows and admirers is a surefire way to get your business noticed.

Promote your business at important industry events
Industry events are a great opportunity to learn something new, keep up with new trends and be inspired by leading figures. They also provide business owners with a chance to promote their business. Events give business owners the chance to meet their audience and influencers in person, build connections and develop relationships that could be taken advantage of in the future.

Leverage your blog
A growing number of journalists review blogs daily to find interesting stories, angles, data and stats. Therefore, publishing newsworthy content can turn your business blog into a great source for interested media outlets. Business owners should carefully plan and craft their content based and distribute it through all available marketing channels.

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