Tips for creating a healthy business culture

Tips for creating a healthy business culture

Building a healthy business culture is key to creating a thriving business – it can improve employee retention, productivity and a business’ overall reputation. However, many workplaces are stuck in old routines and fail to invest in their staff.

Poor workplace culture can create a multitude of problems, such as high turnover, absenteeism, poor health and workplace stress. Fortunately, business culture can be reinvigorated; here are three tips to help create and maintain a healthy business culture:

Hire the right people
Employees form a significant part of a business’ culture, so it pays to recruit the right people. When hiring new staff make sure they share the same values as your business and will fit into your existing culture. A bad hire can damage employee morale and potentially affect relationships with dozens of customers, which can be detrimental to your business’ culture.

Define your vision
A clearly-defined vision for your business will help set your business apart in the job market and attract high quality employees. Make sure existing employees are on board with your business’ values, mission and overall vision. Familiarise new employees with your brand’s vision and values as early as possible to make sure they understand your expectations and are committed to the mission.

Value employee opinions
Encouraging team contributions helps to create a positive working environment that is open to new ideas and provides employee freedom. Many businesses thrive on teamwork where individuals communicate regularly, encourage one another and pitch in where needed.

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