Tips for improving cash flow

Tips for improving cash flow

Maintaining appropriate cash flow is a critical component of running a successful business.

Despite this, running out of liquid capital is one of the most common reasons that small businesses fail. Monitoring cash flow and planning accordingly is important at every stage of the business lifecycle; however, it is especially critical that businesses experiencing rapid growth remain acutely aware of their cash availability.

Maintaining positive cash flow can be a struggle for many businesses, but setting realistic goals for cash flow management can help make a business profitable and generate enough cash to offset monthly expenses.

Make it easy
Making it easy for customers to pay you on time is one of the best ways to ensure they do. Whether that involves investing in some new technology, taking your invoicing online or implementing some new payment methods, making sure it is easy for customers to pay you on time can pay off in the long term.

Use an automated follow-up system
An automated follow-up system will send recurring reminders to your accounts receivable at pre-set dates. This helps to keep track of the status of your accounts and can reduce time and human error.

Invoice quickly
You need to invoice your clients quickly, as there will already be a delay between them receiving the invoice and making the payment. Many businesses inadvertently shoot themselves in the foot by failing to invoice in a timely manner.

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