Tips to improve your business’ cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly risky area for small businesses. Cyber attacks and security breaches are not limited to the big corporations.

Business owners need to prioritise cybersecurity as a cyber attack not only steals and exploits sensitive data but also can be quite expensive to recover. Here are five tips to improve your business’ cybersecurity:

Install and update anti-virus software
Hackers are constantly scanning for vulnerabilities, so it is vital to use supported anti-virus software and keep software patches up-to-date. Be sure to configure all software to install updates automatically.

Regularly backup
Develop a regular backup strategy for all your business data such as databases, spreadsheets and financial files. This may include daily back-ups and extra monthly back-ups. Consider having offline copies available in the event of a cyber attack.

Control physical access
Ensure encryption is used on portable devices such as laptops, to prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access to data.

Establish IT policies for all staff
Implementing IT security policies can help reduce the likelihood of an attack. Make sure default passwords are changed and encourage employees to create strong and unique passwords (those with upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols) across different systems. Use your security policy to teach employees safe online practices.

Secure your networks
Be sure to use a firewall to prevent unauthorised users from accessing your network or devices. Protect your WiFi network by ensuring it is secure, hidden and requires password access.

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