What to look for when hiring new employees

What to look for when hiring new employees

Finding the right person to fill a position is not always easy. Sometimes, a candidate may seem like the perfect fit and so you hire them, only to discover they really are not the person the presented themselves to be in their interview. Other individuals may have all the required skills or qualifications but for one reason or another, they just are not the right fit.

Whilst hiring someone who is qualified and adequately skilled, there are certain qualities that are extremely important when it comes to hiring employees that you ought consider, including:

An employee who is resilient is one that is versatile and has the ability to think on their toes. They can bounce back when things go awry and can perform well under intense work conditions.

Problem solver
It is all well and good to be able to do your job when things are running smoothly, but what happens if something arises out of the ordinary? What happens when your employees have a deadline to meet but there is a blackout, or the wifi is down, or the team leader is ill? Employees who can problem solve and come up with solutions to issues that arise are extremely valuable in any workplace.

Being likeable is important, particularly in smaller workplaces. The workplace is not a popularity contest, but if your employees are likeable, they are more likely to work harmoniously and attract potential clients or business.

Ambitious employees are more likely to work hard and take pride in their work. They are less likely to coast by doing the bare minimum and thus are valuable team members.

Committed employees are invaluable. You want a team behind you that are going to stick by the business when times are busy, or stressful, or less enjoyable. A team that is passionate about the company and share your vision are more likely to stay with the company long term.

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