ATO cracks down on super non-compliance

ATO cracks down on super non-compliance

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is cracking down on super guarantee (SG) non-compliance, addressing around 21,000 SG non-compliance cases in 2015-16 alone.

Since 2010-11, the ATO has transferred almost $2 billion in SG entitlements to employee’s super funds.

The Tax Office receives roughly 20,000 reports each year from people who believe their employer has not paid SG. The ATO have over 150 staff who focus specifically on SG compliance. Staff examine every report, follow-up with the employer and if necessary, undertake audits and apply penalties.

The ATO has an additional 300 staff that review SG compliance in conjunction with Pay As You Go Withholding Tax audits targeted across a range of industries, regional areas and individual circumstances.

Furthermore, the ATO undertakes a range of compliance activities to detect and deal with non-compliance, taking firm action with employers who do not cooperate with requests to ensure employee entitlements are paid on time.

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