Creating a happy work environment

Creating a happy work environment

Happy employees are productive employees. Employee satisfaction directly correlates with employee engagement, retention and ultimately a better bottom line.

Here are three ways to create a happy work environment in your business:

Show you care
Daily interactions, such as conversations and exchanges can significantly improve an employee’s happiness. Getting to know your staff on a personal level is important as it helps to form higher quality relationships. Actively listening to staff and not cutting them off is one such way to show you care about them. Employees should also be able to come to you with their concerns and feel secure that you will address them head-on and find a solution.

Provide flexibility
Flexible workplaces empower employees and promote employee autonomy, resulting in happier workers. Encouraging flexibility in the workplace can help employees to balance their work/life and will most likely result in higher quality work. Flexibility can be provided in the form of flexible starting and finishing hours, working from home, etc.

Focus on giving back
Reward your employees for their hard work. Consider both monetary and non-monetary rewards such as a bonus, a day off, a party or team activities such as bowling or rock climbing. Rewarding staff demonstrates your appreciation and shows you value your team.

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