Handling a busy calendar

Handling a busy calendar

It is inevitable that at certain times, you are going to be busier than normal.

It is these times that require careful planning in order to complete the tasks that need completing promptly while ensuring the quality of your work remains at a high standard. Consider the following to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

When your calendar is looking full, take a couple of minutes to organise yourself. Establish which tasks should take priority and which tasks need your attention the most. Get these tasks completed, and then focus on the rest of them.

If you have an overwhelming number of tasks that you need to accomplish, consider ways you can delegate. Are there other people you can delegate some of the smaller jobs to? Can you delegate your time better and set specific times of the week to tackle specific tasks?

Minimise distractions
Distractions such as your phone or social media can see you waste hours without even realising. One of the most effective tools for handling distractions such as your phone is the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ rule. You can follow this rule even if you have calls you have to answer. Just put your phone in your drawer, or in your bag. You will still hear it ring but will not be tempted to continuously check it just because you can see it sitting on your desk.

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