Improve your business’ LinkedIn page

Improve your business’ LinkedIn page

LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses to gain exposure and engage with their customers on a regular basis.

An increasing amount of users are now turning to social platforms, such as LinkedIn, to find out more information about a business. Using LinkedIn also provides businesses with more opportunities to promote their products and services and communicate with those in their industry.

Here are three ways to improve your business’ LinkedIn page for optimal effectiveness:

Publish and share content
Your target audiences want to access interesting and relevant content. Make your Linkedin page a go-to spot for your customers by regularly publishing and sharing content. For example, you may share a link to a blog post on your website or share business news or industry articles. The key is to be helpful to your audience not overly promotional.

Add images
According to LinkedIn, businesses with logo images get six times more traffic to their pages than those who do not include a logo image. Including a logo image helps users to identify your business and boosts credibility. Also be sure to add a cover image to complete your profile.

Use SEO keywords
Google previews up to 156 characters of your page text, according to LinkedIn. Therefore, it is wise to include keywords and keyword-rich phrases that best describe your business and specialities. Using keyword-rich copy can help connect users who are searching for businesses in your industry to your business.

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