Increasing your blog shares

Increasing your blog shares

Blogging is a great marketing strategy for your business – it informs and entertains your target audiences, can generate traffic and potentially increase sales.

However, writing a blog alone is not a guarantee that readers will share your content. Readers may sometimes need to be reminded that they can, in fact, share your content and do so with ease.

Here are three ways to increase shares for your blog posts:

Scrolling share buttons
Audiences want to be able to share your content easily and with zero effort. A great way to make sharing easy for your audiences is to ensure your social media share buttons scroll with your blog post. This encourages readers to share the post but also makes it simple for them to do so.

Click to tweet in blog posts
Add links to your blog posts which direct your audience to tweet part of your content. For example, you might use a short quote in the blog article that would fit perfectly as a Tweet (meeting Twitter’s character requirements). This allows readers to tweet the quote rather than your whole article. Using click to tweet is helpful in driving more traffic to your blog.

Make images easy to share
Adding share buttons to your images allows your readers to share images on other sites such as Pinterest. For example, by adding a “Pin It” button to your images, your audience can share the image on their personal Pinterest profile – increasing awareness of your blog. Be sure to properly size your images so they can fit Pinterest’s size requirements.

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