Staying motivated

Staying motivated

Often, motivation is highest when we first establish a new goal or begin a new project. As time progresses, it is not uncommon for motivation to dwindle, particularly when the goal or project is not going to plan or is more challenging than anticipated.

Remember you cannot control everything. There will be things that are out of your hands, that you cannot control as much as you would like to. Remember what the bigger picture is; what is your ultimate goal? Remind yourself of the end goal everyday and the hurdles you encounter that you cannot just make disappear will become less of a focus point.

Develop a positive mind set: What tasks do we always avoid doing? The tasks we feel negatively towards. Yet we still have to do them anyway. Practice changing your mindset; practice expelling negative thoughts as soon as they come in and work will not feel so much like a chore.

Be self-critical, but not too much: Ever walked out of a meeting and thought you had made a fool of yourself? Ever been snappy at a colleague when they probably did not deserve it? There is no point fretting over this and expending energy on it. Recognise your faults or what you did wrong, acknowledge what you can improve upon and move on. Use it as a tool to make yourself better, but do not let it define you.

Allow yourself ‘me-time’: having a hobby is important; an outlet that is all about you and what you enjoy. Dedicate time every week to participate in your hobby and do not budge on this. You spend hours on hours each week working and sacrifice your down time when you feel you have not done enough work. Doing something you enjoy allows you to switch off for a while, improves mental health and ultimately makes you more productive.

Maintain a strong support network: rally up the people around you. Turn to them for advice, for a distraction, for someone to vent to. They may not always have the answers, but they can give you the pep talk you need to feel inspired when motivation starts lacking.

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