Strategies for growing your online following

Strategies for growing your online following

Developing strategies for growing your online following is an effective aspect of an online marketing plan. By using strategies to ensure you make the most out of the social media platforms available to you, you will see your social media followers increase, creating greater opportunities to increase profitability.

It is very easy to see when a brand or business is inauthentic on social media. When you have a cause that you’re passionate about or one that is punitive to your business, your social media presence will represent this. If your platforms boast a certain view but it is not true to who you are and what your brand stands for, your followers will see through this.

Consider the message you want to send and your goals for social media and in turn strategies the best platform to do this on. Think about your target audience and what platform they are most likely to use. Use a tool like Google Analytics to assess what time is the best to post, based on how users engage with your posts. Tailoring your posts to suit high-traffic times and evaluating the kinds of users that are most common on specific platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will see your online following improve dramatically.

Being consistent is necessary for maintaining your existing followers. If you send a message or have a presence that is confusing for users, it is likely they will unfollow. Develop a routine for posting content and stick to it. It allows followers to check in at a regular time to see the new content you have released and any other related content creates familiarity and relatability.

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