Essential social media management skills

Essential social media management skills

With the rise of social media use, it is becoming more important than ever to manage your business’ social media accounts quickly, properly and professionally.

Here are three necessary skills for managing multiple social media accounts:

Like traditional marketing platforms, it is necessary to have an element of creativity for a successful campaign. Creative social media posts will capture your audience’s attention and seek them to engage with your social page.

A large part of managing social media accounts is responding to customer queries, comments and complaints. Therefore, having excellent customer-service skills is paramount. Those managing social pages need to be respectful, polite and timely in their responses. Your communication via social media can tremendously influence your business’ image.

More often than not, your business will have multiple social media accounts to manage, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so forth. This means communication will need to be managed for each platform, including scheduling posts, analysing trends, formulating strategy and ideas etc. Being organised will ensure the social media strategy is implemented in full-force and customers are responded to in a timely manner.

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