Managing employees effectively

Managing employees effectively

Communicating effectively with employees is the essence of successful management.

Here are three ways to manage your employees more effectively:

Focus on constructive feedback
When providing feedback stick to the facts and avoid making it personal. Feedback is only useful when it is clear and constructive. Avoid making comments on things that the person cannot control or change. Be specific and direct when giving feedback and make sure the other person understands what the issue is and what needs to be done to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

Show respect
Employees need to feel genuinely respected. Encourage staff to participate in discussions and take the time to listen to everyone’s opinion. Do not cut off staff when they are speaking; let them finish their sentence then talk. Be mindful of the language you use towards staff members – over criticising, belittling and patronising employees is a surefire way of losing employee goodwill.

Provide support
Creating a supportive environment is critical. Regularly check in with employees, ask questions and listen to their concerns. Try to make their workday more enjoyable; consider taking meetings outside, hosting a morning tea, running an interactive team bonding session or starting up a lunchtime running group.

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