Using visual content online

Using visual content online

Publishing great content with the right amount of long-tail keywords and phrases can boost a business’ SEO ranking. However, the appeal of this kind of content may be lost on a business’ target audience if it is not visually appealing as well.

Businesses who include visual content on their website have a higher chance of capturing online reader attention. Visuals can make content easier to read and understand. Below are four basic visual options businesses should consider:

Infographics are designed to present information in an informative and easy way to understand. They are an excellent way of presenting information like statistics that would otherwise come across as dry within your content. Infographics usually contain bar graphs, pie charts, arrows, or other eye-catching visuals.

Memes are funny graphics that can go viral quickly. While this is a good thing, businesses need to ensure their content is relevant. Memes work best if a business highlights their selling points in a way that attracts the attention of the target audience.

It is hard to go into detail when content is supposed to be divided into short, digestible paragraphs for maximum effectiveness. Slides can present detailed information in a way that is easily accessible yet entirely optional. This allows casual readers to skim your content and more invested readers to click the slideshow.

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