Ways to reward your staff

Ways to reward your staff

Rewarding staff is essential if want to maintain happy staff.

Here are seven ways to reward your staff:

Donate in their name
Donating to a charity of choice selected by the employee is a great way to reward an employee by connecting to a passion of theirs.

Whether a staff member is a movie buff, footy fan or looking for upcoming concert tickets, you can’t be short of ideas with the endless events happening in your city.

Gym or yoga membership
Show your support to maintain a healthy lifestyle with an annual membership to a local yoga studio or gym. You could score a group personal training deal and reward your whole team if you’re lucky.

Team activities
Not only does this option allow your staff to bond but it also helps to bring some fun and lightheartedness into your workplace; resulting in happier staff. Consider bowling, go-karting, visiting an escape room or rock climbing.

Gift cards
Gift cards might not be the most creative option, but they are certainly practical. Opt for a gift card for petrol, groceries or nearest department store.

Take your staff out for lunch, stock up on office snacks or order takeaway into the office on a Friday to celebrate a job well done.

Finish work early
Allocate a day, i.e., Fridays, where staff can leave work early. You may find staff are more inclined to work productively so they can leave on time.

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